Engineering center – environment

At Migma Packtron , we believe a product’s quality and deliverables are all based on how it is engineered. Our dedicated team of engineers work round the clock to develop components with unmatched precision and quality.
We have a team of professionals having thorough knowledge of the specific field of vacuum forming.

The design of tools and trimming fixtures are done in house by our engineering team on computer aided software’s.
All of the work is carried out on Licensed Solid works CAD software from Dassault system which is one of the best in the market .Every year the same is being renewed .

Thermoforming/Vacuum forming

Having a footprint of more than 3 decades in the field of vacuum forming gives us an edge over our competitors in terms of process knowledge. We like to call thermoforming as an art and not technology.

Due to such a vast experience in the field, we are able to develop our very own state of the art vacuum forming machines in – house. With all latest advancements like pre stretch, sag control etc . All machines are fully functional with Auto modes installed on each of them, which usually means no downtime or breakdowns. Even if the breakdown occurs, we can resolve it very quickly and dependency on vendor is zero.
We can predict nearly accurately the input thickness of raw material which helps in cost economics and nearly accurate quotation to clients while prototyping.
We can form components more than 2 mtr. long and 1.6mtr wide. We can draw a component of 750mm.
The components come in various and texture suitable for different types of industries.

We vacuum form – ABS, HIPS, HDPE, other thermoplastic compounds such as TPO etc.


Trimming is the most important as well as the most complex process in vacuum formed products. The component needs to be separated from the scrap and to be trimmed according to the design / drawing.
Router trimming – We are equipped with router trimmers to trim the component with absolute precision. The dedicated 5 axis router has the ability to trim complex and humongous automotive components such as

Dashboards and inner trims which requires great precision. It has the ability to trim components as big as 3000mm X1700 mm X 800 mm
Robotic arm – State of the art robotic arm is installed in our plant to carry out complex jobs with quick turn around time. The robot can trim small to medium size of components having large volumes in no time.
Handheld router trims – These are SPM’s made in house to carry out trimming with a hand held instrument, the trimming is semi auto and requires a guided path to trim the component, this method is usually used for parts which demand less accuracy .

Tool Room

A dedicated in-house tool room wherein we develop all the tooling’s in our premises according to customer requirements, this gives us a very short turnaround times for prototyping. We are equipped with 3 Axis CNC router to carry out tool cuttings with great Precision.

We develop Wooden moulds for prototyping and aluminium and Epoxy moulds for mass production. highly accurate trimming fixtures are also machined at our premises for robotic and router trimmings.

A dedicated development team which carries out all the New product developments and SPOC at customers disposal to resolve all queries and carry out prototyping with APQP till PPAP and closure.